Amusement of an Anecdote…

Commemorating our days of long, thought provoking messages and my assurance of’LDMU‘ never being applied to our conversation, I thought of giving it a shot keeping in mind the receding ‘X’ factor of our messages. Lets take you to a world of exploration to experience something refreshing hoping for its satisfactory execution.

Refreshing-a mental-social interaction yielded entity that got characterized in me after reliving some unusual exciting moments. Sometimes, you really get bored because of repetition of events and start wishing for an escape but how near does your wish take you towards the utopia?- well we will think about it someday but not now!

Building up the plot, let me take you to the original story. Last night at around 1:30 AM while reading something on Internet, I realized that though being physically present before the subject, the absolute index of my mental presence wasn’t one and it was wandering in some other thoughts of distinguishing between the abstracts and concretes.

To bring it back, I just picked up my book kept on the table and started typing something randomly from it- well that’s our nerdish way of passing the time but lets not bore you with it. So, like a disguised way of giving me a subject to write about- me and my friend (who entered into my room while typing) decided to go for a walk around the campus at 2’o clock.

Well the details of our journey subject to your interest of listening it but for the gist- we were accompanied by discussion on some funny topics and sharing of some real events’ experiences involving us (individually) as the protagonist of the scenes. On our way of pseudo-patrolling the hostel area, we even got the glimpse of sanguinely- proposed-by-me-brutally-trashed-by-you way to heaven.

Returning to our room, our own discussion on some diverse serious topics started as if exercising our duty of being concerned citizens. Among many strange rules of hostels, there is one quite convincing- whenever someone comes back from his/her home, usually a group of few students stand in front of him at a particular moment with the facial expressions like goons & pointing the gun and asking- “beta, ghar se khane ke liye kya laya haiJaldi nikaal!(what edible items have you brought from your home? Take it out fast!).

This time the victim was a guy living next to our door. Waving a good bye to our great memorizing power for a moment, we forgot about the intentional invitation to the cavities and got involved in our own ongoing discussions. Pondering over our efforts of making a home away from home & quenching our thirst of getting some ‘sukoon‘, this was just an anecdote of everyday happenings.

After refreshing a bit, here I’m at 5:20 AM writing this message to someone special whom my assurance was directed to and whose photo adorns the neighbourhood of my text area at this moment. Someday I would like to know- what something unusual you did to get yourself out of boredom?

Moving on, while our mutual familiarity is still in its childhood, it flourished during the days when we had time to take care of its needs- the summer vacation of both of us. While I shared some of my prominent moments of summertime ‘mastii‘, there was one significant event that I didn’t tell you about but lets not describe that here, after all I should have atleast something to say anytime. Started with an intention of writing a simple message, this one has already gone quite long- so owning to its length & the intensification that event, the illustration will bring its own fun. Moreover, it was just meant for adding up to your curiosity which must never get quenched because sometimes ‘life in moments is more relishing than just moments in life‘.