Dear sir,


I think even if I go through the encyclopaedia of languages, still I would not be able to find a better word than this to greet the best teacher that I have come across in my life. Straightforwardly, You have taken the decision to leave Dhanbad, more specifically Narayana Dhanbad, and for the last 10 days, your facebook timeline is nearly flooded with updates, photos,etc. and accompanying those are the hundreds of greetings, praises, and requests from the students to change your decision. Well, concerning those, even though I haven’t (so called) ‘like‘ or ‘share‘ your updates still I have read all of them completely and I think those would be merely a formality(which never conveys the true sense), to express my feelings, concern, gratitude, disappointment, impression, depression or anything which nowadays possess around 90% of my heart’s hard disk and still these things doesn’t make me an exception from those students compelling me to write this letter although in a bit different way.

main   (Ashutosh sir with his evergreen smile)

Even if I keep writing about my interaction with you for the whole time still it would not be able to do justice with those cherished moments which doesn’t support the character encoding and while I am typing this letter on notepad, your Facebook picnic pictures lie behind me with your car with around 90 likes & 11 comments in just few hours.

 Anyway I would have to start, so why not with this modern interaction medium-message conveyor weapon Facebook‘. I don’t know what goes in your mind while putting these pictures on fb but the description associated with those pics seems to be carrying a unique sense to me.


While you went out for picnic with some colleagues, students, your cooking photo, photo with guitar,and bunch of that or your late night postings of funny statements on which you yourself write-“don’t worry be happy Actually raat me thora joke Karne ka man kiya“,or your comment on the photos mentioned as “Thanks all I miss dhanbad even more than u guys missed me“, all these things making us more hollow and devoid of strength required to keep us holding in this situation.


It may seem strange as to why a student like me who already has completed his term of learning from you would write such things since your decision doesn’t affect him at all but for me it does. Perhaps its because there are many things that lie above learning some syllabus content materials, there exists moral values, there is emotional attachment or may be because my brother is studying in Narayana presently and your this decision would affect his studies anything that seems reasonable to you, just take it as a reason, but my each word here would show my immeasurable respect to you. Each time your post comes out, too many comments follow it- “You are the best sir“, “We will never forget you“, “no one can take your place“,etc. But its your decision sir, and if you follow the principle of  ‘moving on’, it must be for your betterment. Anyway, you are going away from us metamorphically(not from our heart), so why not make this tribute a special gift by citing some of my interactions with you which I still remember. 

1. An ordinary person with extraordinary skills from Manpur, Gaya searches for his true potential after being embarassed by his classmate, finishes his JEE syllabus by class 9th or 10th and even studies the advanced level topics still being in Intermediate. –It’s you sir.




2. I come to see this person’s extraordinary teaching skills for the first time on 10th April, 2011(IIT-JEE day) where he starts the topic directly telling  Introduction wagera baad mein hote rahega, pehle ye batao padhna kya hai?’, and he starts with ‘Polynomials’. After each CPT, that person comes in the class, directly asking “kiska-kiska 80 mein 80 aa rha hai”, while sometimes one or two students raise their hands, other ended up looking at each other’s faces with an awkward smile probably laughing at their own silliness (although his expectations were high but that was not much when his teaching was considered). and that person is you sir.

3. This extraordinary person, tells about his various life moments, like being with his grandfather with radio set, always having Rs. 500 or so in his pocket which is quite strange for a 6th grader, and his school’s physics teacher who used to deduct the marks, not for the actual subject content but for the grammatical mistakes, which later helped that person to do much better in writing terms in his IIT-JEE final exam. – and that person is none other than you sir.

4. One special thing about that person was to crack jokes in between the classes so that the students get involved in that subject to such extent that they no longer fear from those big equations & complex expressions, and even start enjoying the subject. But in disguise, they were getting attached to that person whose pain of separation they never realised. One major thing about that person which mesmerized the students is his tremendous effort and the way he used to fight with the questions. Even if he got stuck in some problem, still he would not leave the class until he is finished with it while the students are exhausted, incredible.- and that person is obviously you sir.


5.One more thing (that from being a hostel boy perspective)I would like to focus upon was that person’s emotional ability to figure out the dilemma of students living away from their home. Me with my friends Nishant & Atul (jinhon meri life hi badal kar rakh di) infront that TV shop, its Durga puja occasion and Narayana gives us holiday(which was really a rare thing),are discussing about going home while me and Atul are ready, Nishant is refusing to go and we are concerned for that. That person comes from the way out of Narayana, comes to us and ask “Kya hua ji” (‘ji‘ was really a style statement for him), and in response just says one thing that gets stick to my mind-“Ye hostel life jisme tumlog abhi ho, usme itna socha mat karo, bas enjoy karo every moment ko” and that really works.- You might be remembering that moment or not, but again that person was you sir.


Pata nhi aise kitne ghante gujare honge humne sirf aapke baare mein baat karte karte.

As I said earlier, there are uncountable things which I can keep writing, still will not get satisfied even a bit. I know that this letters has gone too long but still it doesn’t conveys a student’s feeling which he is bearing with your this decision. Infact, the points written here are presented by a passed out students whom you don’t teach anymore, I can’t even imagine or summarise up of those who are still studying under you, whom you will be leaving in between. Once you told us that you don’t like to be in one job for more than 5 years, if I am not wrong your 2008-2013 term completes it, so maybe your decision revolves around that fact. “It’s always tougher to take a decision than to execute it“, and I can’t even think of what would have gone inside you, while you were framing it. In response to the hundreds of request from the students, you write -“No worry boys narayana give u better teacher than me And i am 500% sure that u guys soon forget me ,God bless u“, but students refuses to accept it which they really mean. But after all these happenings, if we take it in a positive way then I can say-“If we, a bunch of few thousand students have witnessed this miracle(of your teaching), then other students (whom you are going to teach soon) should also get the chance to see this phenomenal teacher and moreover a humble and incredible person & you will again leave the same impression on them making them praise you as we used to and still we do.

My purpose of writing this letter was to bring a tint of happiness in you & a beautiful smile on your face (which I miss here everyday), so that you carry with you these cherished moments with mine through my little effort of writing this letter along with all the wishes. While I have written 1,699 words in this whole letter,with lot of editings, gone through all your posts,included a verse, paste photos of yours with mine, put my night hours to sit silently and writing it to constitute atleast some of my feelings, still I am not a professional writter and I apologises for any mistake that I commited while putting the ingredients. I don’t find any better way to end this letter (personally I feel, I should not end) than to include this poem by Dee McDonald to complete my tribute. ‘You are the best teacher sir,we will always miss you, we wish you achieve greater heights in you life, enjoy it completely, live it in you way and haan at last, give a beautiful smile after reading this whole letter, please ab hash bhi do na……


                                                                                   (by Dee Mcdonald)

The Clarity you gave to me,

It shone like Angel rays,

Like water rushed on golden sands,

And crashed along the bays.


The questions deep within my heart,

Confused my humble mind,

Yet when you spoke your words aloud

It seemed, no longer I was blind.


The answers all came flooding in,

They touched my inner soul,

The knowledge that you gave to me

Within my heart I hold.


I understood that the events

That troubled me somehow,

Was nothing to be frightened of,

Instead I should be Proud.


I Thank You Sir most graciously,

These words I say aloud,

For the Clarity you’ve given me,

Has made me feel quite proud.

Written by-

Chandan Kumar Sinha                        

IIT Hyderabad

Your former student who probably never stood on your expectations but still aspire and put his hard labour to make you proud of him one day.